Alessi, heritage design

Alessi, heritage design

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Undisputed master of tableware and Italian design, Alessi is approaching its first centenary with serenity. The brand has reason to rejoice because many of its products, still present in the catalog, have already passed into posterity. Over the years, Alessi has called on the talent of many designers, who have imagined and developed several already cult products, stamped with its name. From the small village of Omegna in Italy to Design Week in Beijing, Alessi's journey to success was shaped thanks to her unparalleled mastery of the material. Explanations.

The key phases

The Alessi company was born in 1921, in a village at the foot of the Italian Alps. Giovanni Alessi, a turner by trade, then produced household objects and tables in nickel, copper, silver and brass. The first flagship pieces of the brand will be published during the 20s and 30s: tea set in nickel silver, brass carafe holder, cheese platter ... Thereafter Carlo, Giovanni's eldest son, will introduce design to the sense first of the term in the family business. Industrial designer trained in Novara, he designed most of the objects in the Alessi catalog between 1930 and 1945. His "Bombé" tea and coffee service is one of the archetypes of the first era of Italian design, but also the symbol of the brand. . Appointed Executive Director of the company, he will have the brilliant idea of ​​using independent designers. Keeping metal as the common thread, they bring the eclecticism that will make Alessi's fame beyond Italian borders. Generations will succeed each other and continue to contribute their stone to the family edifice. Innovative materials and advanced technologies are now an integral part of the products, which are constantly ahead of the trends.

On the way to the future

Since its foundation, Alessi has called on more than 200 designers, including the biggest names in vintage and contemporary decoration. Today, the brand wants to develop new collaboration and get out of the kitchen and home context. His goal is to create new objects combining eccentricity and elegance, culture and fun, difference and style. Successful bet for the Italian company which now works with industry giants such as Fiat, Henkel or Seiko! Among these new creations are a collection of upholstery, a line of pens, designer tiles, a car - the Pandaalessi - and a cordless phone. These collaborations foreshadow a bright future for Alessi, which proves that design and everyday life form the most beautiful of associations.