12 eco-friendly coat racks and pegs

12 eco-friendly coat racks and pegs

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When green designers revisit the coat rack and the coat hook, these everyday objects are dressed in wood, bamboo or recycled materials. Discover our selection of models for interiors with a design and nature style .


With Earth Art , the coat racks are made of recovered slats. In Metylos , the FU, KU, SHI and MA hooks, are made of Jura wood and from the scraps of anti-nuclear suits (for each hook purchased, 8 euros are donated to the Red Cross Japanese).


The wooden models are to be preferred for an authentic and simple decoration. In Queen Mother , the "La Branche" coat stand is made in Jura from wood from sustainably managed forests. Ditto for their coat hook model. Also find a children's coat hook with a funny bird, a wooden valet signed Thierry Bataille , "mark" coat hooks from the green brand Ferm Living … or Nua's Nests , practical and poetic hooks in bamboo made by hand.


For designer interiors, discover models with slightly crazy lines, including a wooden coat hook, made from a single piece of solid oak twisted with steam. We also like the charm of the bamboo and recycled wood coat hooks from The Nomad Of Design . The model Bardeco in steel and oak FSC is inspired by the patterns of the bar codes.