Make a patchwork stair carpet

Make a patchwork stair carpet

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Notice to DIY enthusiasts! To sublimate your stairs at a lower cost, here is how to embellish it with a homemade carpet itself made of old recovered carpet. All for a patchwork style result, presentation.

What you need

Before taking action, you get an assortment of old rugs, a stapler and nailer, a pair of scissors, a tape measure and a pen.

Step 1: Cut the carpets to a specific size

The width of the carpet is three-quarters that of the steps. The first step therefore consists in measuring the width of the steps, then multiplying it by 75% to deduce that of the carpet. The recovery mats are then cut to this size.

Step 2: Lay the first carpet

We then begin to lay the carpets by positioning ourselves at the top of the stairs. To do this, you must first center a part, making sure that it protrudes about 20 cm on the landing. Then, it is stapled along its edges every 5 cm approximately. We continue the same process by pressing the carpet against each riser and on each step by stapling the edges and the upper edges.

Step 3: Lay the second or even the third carpet for a patchwork effect

When the piece of the first carpet is finished, cut it flush with the base of a riser, then staple its inner edge. We then choose another piece of carpet which we position in succession, on the next step by aligning it with the riser, before stapling its upper edge and then resuming the same pace of work.

Step 4: Complete the stair carpet

As for the last step, simply cut the last carpet flush with the base of the last riser and then staple its inner edge. Your staircase descent is elegant, artistic and unlike any other ...