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Supply and installation of Micro-Station of purification with spreading system for the sanitation of used water and rainwater collectors - The company A L'EAU DE PLUIE has the approval 2011-005 delivered by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development mandatory in France for the installation of these micro-treatment plants ALEAUDEPLUIE Mail: [email protected] Contact: Philippe GILBERT Mobile: 07 86 42 25 09 / Landline: 02 97 47 71 71

A) Plants

Fruit trees & vegetable garden: Fruit trees formed (palm leaf shape): Apple tree in 15 liter pot: fruit trees thus formed have many advantages compared to more traditional trees. They will thus be easier to harvest, to treat in case of illness, and will be very simple to use in small ornamental garden trellised against the walls. So many arguments to put all the assets on its side and succeed in its harvest. To be placed in fairly rich and well-drained soil, ideally in partial shade or in the sun. Do not hesitate to mulch the base of plants to avoid excessive evaporation of water. Aromatics and various vegetables: a fine selection combining aromatics from organic farming for easy direct consumption with different summer vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins, pickles, peppers, zucchini, cabbage, etc.). Ideally placed in fairly rich and well-drained soil, in the sun. Do not hesitate to mulch the base of plants to avoid excessive evaporation of water. Carnation of India in a tray of ten plants: Companion plant, it scares away the white cabbage, but also nematodes, whiteflies and aphids, making it an excellent companion for tomatoes GAMM GREEN The ornamental plants in the garden: Climbing roses in 5 and 7.5 liter pots : Climbing roses are most beautiful thanks to their slender growth and abundant summer flowering. They are undemanding and will enjoy the sun. On a support, they will do wonders for dressing walls and pergolas, alone or associated with clematis for example. Star jasmine or Trachelospermum jasminoides in 3 liter pot : this very fashionable climbing plant combines a persistent shiny green foliage with a very fragrant white summer flowering. It likes the sun and partial shade and in fairly rich soil. Unlike real, very rustic jasmine, this plant, which can reach a height of 5 m, tolerates a temperature of - 10 ° C Honeysuckle 'Mint Crisp' in 3 liter pot : this climbing plant is distinguished by an exceptional variegated foliage which will do wonders in association with other plants. It likes the sun and partial shade and in fairly rich soil. Bamboo Fargesia 'Ruffa' in 5 liter pot : bamboo up to 3 meters high, the interest of which lies in its dense bush and its very decorative thatches (wood). This very rustic plant has very fine green foliage, and is undemanding for the soil provided it is fresh. It tolerates partial shade like the sun but fears the wind. To plant alone or in combination. This bamboo is not tracing, which allows a very simple and very decorative use in pots on the terraces Varied grasses in 4 liter pot : these very graphic grasses bring a lot of lightness thanks to their summer flowers in spikes. Undemanding, they rather like the sun and behave well in tub and pot. White Arum in 3 liter pot : this great classic stands out for its unique white flowering from April to summer. Perennial more or less rustic, it can be planted in the garden in the warmest regions but will prefer verandas in most of our regions. Kordes landscaped roses 'Unconstrained Roses' in 1.4 liter pot : these landscaped roses are distinguished by a spreading habit, abundant summer flowering, great ease of maintenance and exceptional resistance to diseases. They are undemanding and will enjoy the sun in any type of terrain. They are used as a ground cover, alone or in combination. Dwarf bamboo (Pleiioblastus variés) in 2 liter pot : bamboo covers the ground very short, surprising by its compact shape which works wonders in combination. This hardy plant is undemanding for the soil provided it is fresh. It tolerates partial shade like the sun. Fuchsia riccartonii in 4 liter pot : this variety has the typical flowering that makes the success of any fuchsia, but is distinguished by a real hardiness: resistant to cold, it is perfectly perennial. It will prefer partial shade, can reach 2 meters high, and will be enjoyed both in tub and in the garden Hemerocalle 'Stella de Oro' in 3 liter pot: this perennial is very robust and is distinguished by its yellow summer flowering. Undemanding, she likes it more in the sun but also in partial shade. Its compact shape allows it to be enjoyed both in tubs and in the garden in combination. Elderberry 'Black Lace in 3 liter pot : Superb plant which is distinguished by a finely cut black foliage. Unlike Japanese maples, which will be more demanding in terms of location and soil, this elderberry will please both in the sun and in partial shade, and in any type of soil, which will allow everyone to benefit from such foliage. graphics. Resistant to cold, this variety also offers a beautiful summer pink flowering. Potentilla in 7.5 liter pot: easy, very rustic shrub distinguished by summer flowering that lasts until the first frosts. Undemanding, it can reach 1.5 meters in height and will enjoy the sun or partial shade in any type of terrain. Summer spirea in 3 liter pot: another easy and also very rustic shrub that offers a long summer flowering. Most varieties also have fairly decorative leaves. Undemanding, the spirea will enjoy the sun or partial shade in any type of terrain. Various perennials in 2 liter pot : these perennials are all distinguished by their ease of maintenance and their spring or summer flowers. They enjoy the sun as in the shade and in all types of terrain. GAMM GREEN

B) Ceiling

ALICANTE Pergola 350x434: The ALICANTE pergola is the ideal shelter for your terrace. Robust and aesthetic, it will protect you from both the rain and the sun. Glued laminated wood structure (better stability), 12cm x 12cm section posts. Covered area = 15.19 m² - Roof in double wall polycarbonate sheets 10mm thick. Hail resistant. LIVE SHELTERS 2, rue de la Carnoy - 59130 LAMBERSART Tel. : 03 20 07 05 04 - Fax: 03 59 35 00 68 E-mail: [email protected] 2 canopies in hand-crafted wrought iron, made the old way, the glazing was also installed with putty like old times. IMPORTANT: Our manufacturing is tailor-made. Our products range from the wrought iron gate through body guards, fences, custom arbors as well as a wide range of high-end wrought iron furniture (Tables, Chairs, Bakers ...) THE VOLUTES OF AZUR Headquarters & Postal Address: 2, place St Claude 06790 Aspremont Factory outlet: 241 Route de Grenoble 06200 Nice [email protected] Tel: 06 62 18 81 51 - Fax. 04 83 33 20 38

C) Soil

Wooden terrace: The Diego pine board autoclave treatment, treatment class 3, size 2.7 x 14.6 x 400cm. 1 smooth side and 1 grooved side The scaffold in Scots pine autoclave treatment, treatment class 3, brown tinted in the factory, size 3.3x7x300cm The bucket of stainless steel screws 5x50mm torx head A2 + screwdriver bit. Quantity per bucket 1000pcs FOREST STYLE Company [email protected] Installation of the terrace carried out by: POTIE PIERRE - Outdoor layout: shelters, terrace, pergola… Mail: [email protected] Tel: 06 81 14 19 71 Pavé Tradition, Stradal paysage - From yesterday and today, the paving stones bring an adapted sobriety and nuanced colors to the exterior fittings. Tradition pavers from Stradal Paysages are available in two formats (12x12x6 or 16x16x6 cm) and 4 colors (Camaïeu, Granite gray, Light yellow and Range old silver). They allow the passage of light vehicles. LANDSCAPE STRADAL Indigo number 0 825 823 223 (0.15 euros incl. tax / min) Installation of the Pavers carried out by the company: MAILLARD PAYSAGE - Landscaper in the Oise Mail: [email protected] Tel. 03 44 79 01 03

D) Walls

Rendering plaster "PRB SUPERBRUT" - Semi-light, semi-layer coating for waterproofing and decorating exterior and interior walls. Applies by mechanical projection and allows all types of finishes to be produced in a range of 100 shades PRB Oak half-timbering on the facade: sawn oak planks supplied by: THE MOREL SAWMILL Postal address: 1 rue de l'Église, 60120 VENDEUIL CAPLY E-mail address: [email protected] Telephone: Fax: Installation of half-timbering through : BATI FRANCE SERVICES Mr François KERSTEMONT Carpenter, Carpenter, Roofer, Restoration of half-timbered facades with cob Intervention across France Postal address: 25 rue Principale, 60120 FLECHY Tel. : E-mail: [email protected] Briquette-style terracotta wall cladding, smooth purple color, dimensions 22x1.4x5 cm, 72 u / m² TERREAL DECO TERREAL - 15 rue Pagès - 92158 Suresnes Tel. 01 49 97 20 30. Fax: 01 49 97 20 56 For more information and the list of decorative retailers: [email protected] The Silverwood EXTRA White Pearl cladding is made of Solid Northern Fir . The surface finish is planed brushed to preserve the natural appearance of the grain of the wood. The 19 mm thick and 122 mm working width blades guarantee real quality and excellent stability. The rounded elegance profile offers a modern aesthetic of lines, it fits easily, it is simple and quick to install. The nailing line allows an ideal aesthetic because the fixings (points) are hidden for a very harmonious result. The Silverwood EXTRA collection, a true reference in color cladding, has 7 essential colors. The choice fell on the White Pearl shade for a simple and elegant rendering. The color finish used is based on microporous acrylic paint which guarantees excellent opacity and impeccable resistance over time. Ideal to enhance your exterior. The wood used for the manufacture of cladding is PEFC certified, that is to say from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. The cladding is preserved against natural attack, it is finished in the factory and is guaranteed for 10 years (preservation and finishing). The color finish is guaranteed at less than 0.3% C.O.V. An eco-environmental product therefore, CE marked, made in France and suitable for all budgets. SILVERWOOD Find all our products in the material traders or the wood traders or click on the map of our distributors on

E) Light fixtures

Matt / unicorn lamp 1.75m and unicorn base 30cms - Base and lamp posts in CAST IRON. All lantern heads can be mounted on each lamp post. Venice lantern Small, medium and large models. Our lanterns are made of stainless steel, coated with polyester paint. The glazing is in opal methacrylate. (On request methacrylate drop of water or transparent.) All the lantern heads can be mounted on each lamp post. RAGNI Tel 04 93 31 05 48 - Fax 04 93 14 92 46 RAGNI chemin du val fleuri, Vallon des Vaux, 06800 Cagnes sur Mer Email address: [email protected]

A) Sanitary

3-seater spa Duchesse model, including an elongated place, stainless steel massage nozzles, 2 massage pumps and 1 bubbler, ozonator, many LED lights, aromatherapy, 3-step staircase matched, waterproof DVD player REGENCE SPA Tel. 09 52 27 89 90 Mas Coteau F-30700 Uzès

B) Furniture

KINGSTON garden furniture: Sofa 2 Armchair Coffee table Pouf OF THE HOUSE Red garden furniture Red sunlounger CASINO GROUP DOUBLE Y wooden mannequin for martial arts practice Link to article: // TAO DISTRIBUTION - Shop for Martial Arts Brand DOUBLE Y

C) Doors and openings

Welded aluminum gate, Chinon model, Tradition range from Europortail Aluminum, black 9005 sandblasted color. This range is the best in terms of elegance. It brings together the aesthetics and prestige of wrought iron gates but without the inconvenience of maintenance. Our gates are made to measure and fully customizable. The gate is motorized with a system of articulated arms from NICE. EUROPORTAIL Contact mail: [email protected] Replacement of roof windows: Replacing old windows with a new generation of roof windows is a real gain in comfort. Switching to a high-performance window enables better thermal insulation in summer and winter, synonymous with energy savings. The impact resistance of newer glazings offers more security and the acoustic treatment of the various external noise sources ensures true sound peace. The range of VELUX windows adapts to all replacement needs, whether it is a replacement in the same dimensions as the original window (thanks to the special replacement fitting requiring no retouching of the interior decoration) like opting for larger windows or canopies. Certainly, the guarantee of 20 years of tranquility. Roof window with rotation GGU / Glazing Comfort: This window offers the latest advances in technology thanks to its glazing Comfort, which meets the highest requirements in terms of thermal insulation summer / winter and is equipped with the ABP system ( rain noise reduction) which divides the impact noise of the rain by 2 for more silence in the room in rainy weather. Its standard laminated glazing guarantees a level of security comparable to that of a car windshield and the "Clear & Net" system from which it benefits reduces the frequency of cleaning. White finish (wood + polyurethane). Dimensions: 134 x 98 cm (dimensional code U04). DKL interior blackout blinds: VELUX blackout blinds guarantee optimal darkness day and night, thanks to their 100% polyester canvas, reinforced on the back with an aluminum film which repels UV rays. No risk of seeing the colors fade over time since these blinds benefit from an exclusive anti-discoloration system of the canvas. Provided with a maneuvering bar and profiles with refined bevelled corners, they are discreetly integrated into the window and harmonize with all interiors thanks to a choice from a range of more than 40 colors. And thanks to the exclusive Pick & Click! ® system, these interior blinds can be installed in a few minutes! VELUX GROUP The VELUX group aims to improve the living environment through the entry of natural light and fresh air through the roof. Its product range includes a wide variety of roof windows, solutions for flat roofs, natural light ducts. VELUX also offers numerous equipment, roller shutters, interior and exterior blinds, motorized controls to freely modulate the light. Close to the environment, VELUX is investing in the energy field with solar thermal collectors. The VELUX brand is one of the biggest brands in the building industry and its products are sold almost everywhere in the world. Products installed by the Brisacier company Brisacier Alexis Brisacier - 62 rue Sainte-Honorine - 95220 HERBLAY Tel. 01 30 26 06 50 Email: [email protected] Entrance door in lacquered wood - CANNELLE model. Doors with a country spirit, without being rustic, proportions and an aesthetic produced in the respect of tradition associated with forms and reliefs in a current spirit. Its Théla triple glazing, associated with the 2-sided small wood frame, gives pride of place to light. Beyond these visual advantages, the door has exceptional thermal and acoustic performance for a semi-glazed wooden door. Available in different widths, it adapts to the dimensions of the site while retaining its aesthetics. This door can be found on: // BEL'M Door asked by VAN ELSUWE ALAIN [email protected] // Composite swing shutters of French manufacturing (Ain) in polyester (Material used for 30 years in aeronautics). They perfectly imitate wooden shutters and are made to measure in any shade. They will protect you from cold and heat even in extreme situations. They have an extraordinary longevity and above all without maintenance. 2007 Grand Prize for Innovation by the CCI de l'Ain POLYHABITAT® You will find us on FAY - 01660 MEZERIAT [email protected] Windows and French window doors in wood (French oak or red exotic wood) keep the beauty, warmth and authenticity of the material while Significantly improving the thermal and sound performance of joinery. Equipped with double glazing with thermal insulation reinforced with Argon gas, the JANNEAU Wood windows are all made in France and made to measure. JANNEAU List of installers on www.question-fenetre.f All product information on

D) Equipment

Premium wooden chicken coop ECO CHICKENS Pullets ready to lay red and black ESTABLISHMENT BROU EARL ETS BROU - 16, Rue du Fort / 60170 BAILLY Tel: - Fax:

E) Decoration

candles PARTYLITE Flower pot: four outdoor square pots GREEN CITY Lanterns Accessories white Candle Holder PARTYLITE White lantern "cage" INDENTATION Red glass accessories Red glass bottle GIFI | Www.gif "> |