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How to create a stimulating room for children?

How to create a stimulating room for children?

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The child's bedroom is his real territory, so you have to take his tastes into account when choosing a new decoration. So, it is with your child that you will have to determine a theme or a color that will set the tone. But rather than his favorite hero whom he will tire of very quickly, bet on a color that matches his personality.

Trendy colors for children

In terms of colors, blue and pink are very popular colors for children! We still avoid falling into the clichés of candy pink or baby blue by banning the total look. You can easily combine candy pink or powder pink for girls, and turquoise or ocean blue for boys, with natural colors that will soften the room.

Colors that match your child

We are all very reactive to color, and children are particularly so! So we use their temperament to choose a color that can soothe them or on the contrary stimulate their energy. For a somewhat reserved child, you can choose to paint a wall in orange or yellow to promote communication. Conversely, if your child is very active, choose instead to paint a wall in gray blue to soothe it. Finally, if your child needs help to focus, think of purple, which calms the mind and helps focus. The colors will be very decorative in the bedroom and may even prove useful. To try !