Where are the cones?

Where are the cones?

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Not shrinking from any sacrifice to obtain the diploma of the best mom in the world, some of you, after making your homemade ice cream, are ready to invest in an ice cream cone waffle maker. I think you are crazy but I am willing to help you in your choice. This will be all the easier since there are on the French market, at least to my knowledge, only three ice cream waffle makers (that is to say if this product attracts crowds). Having never tested this kind of product, I can nevertheless rely on the technical specifications and prices to compare these machines. A priori, these three ice cream waffle makers are no different: all three have an adjustable thermostat, two indicator lights (one for preheating and the other to indicate that the temperature has been reached), a non-stick coating as well as an accessory to create its cones. Even if the interest of an ice cream cone waffle maker seems limited, it can nevertheless be used to prepare other desserts such as Russian cigarettes, tiles or cups.

Severin HA 2082

This is the latest since Severin has just marketed it.
It is the most successful aesthetically speaking (if we can speak of aesthetics). Not necessarily the most powerful (850 W), nor the most economical (€ 32.99), it has the advantage of being produced by a brand well established in France and which offers spare parts.

Clatronic HA 3277

The least powerful with 800 W and the most expensive (between 33 and 35 €), this waffle maker with cornet does not have many arguments in its favor. However, it is the only one of which we know the diameter of the waffles (18 cm) and it seems to be the least heavy of the three (1.3 kg)

Domoclip DOM 244

Conversely, Domoclip, at least on paper, wins all the votes: it is the most powerful (1200 W) and above all the most economical (from 19 €). On the other hand, its weight approaches 2 kg. Finally, even if the product is certainly not French, the company is. It will be the (little) cocorico of the day! Of the three waffle irons, I would rather look at the last one because it is the cheapest and the quality level of the different models does not look very different. Not to mention that this kind of household appliance still has a very limited use and that it will therefore not be used every day, so there is no need to put too much money in it.