Renovate exposed beams

Renovate exposed beams

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Exposed beams in an interior provide an ideal setting for a warm and sophisticated decor. However, wood is a living material that needs to be maintained, monitored and renovated to preserve the beams of the house.

Clean wood from exposed beams

The beams of the house are subject to the effects of time. They suffer from small ailments which can alter them in depth. Humidity, mold, insects and bacteria are often the causes of the degradation of exposed beams. Successively covered with varnish or paint, these decorative elements weaken and crack over the years. That is why it is necessary to carry out their cleaning. First, you must remove all the small irregularities in the wood that could damage it. So carefully remove the screws, damaged nails, worm-eaten wood. Then, strip the paint with a chemical agent. During this operation, do not forget to protect the floor and the furniture in case of projection. Thirdly, apply a wood stain to finish the beams.

Deep penetrate the wood for a lasting effect

To act sustainably, the product used for preserving the wood must penetrate deeply. The preservative should enhance the natural durability characteristics of the wood. It must contain three types of elements: active materials which must be effective against the destructive elements of the wood such as termites or fungi, a solvent which transports the active agents inside the wood and fixing principles which ensure the fixing the process and maintaining this protection in a sustainable manner. This product helps preserve the wood over time and protect it from minor inconveniences.

A second wind for the exposed beams

After having stripped and treated the wood of your exposed beams, do not hesitate to give them a second life. Before starting to paint, it is essential to go through the sanding step. This operation allows a natural and authentic rendering for the beams. Do not hesitate to vacuum the dust to facilitate the application of paint or varnish. If you want to dress your beams in an original way, opt for flashy colors for an atypical and singular interior. If on the contrary you want to keep the natural appearance of your beams, you can always apply a varnish which will increase the protection of your wood and ensure a guaranteed rustic effect. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"