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Oriental inspirations in the house

Oriental inspirations in the house

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For a warm and friendly atmosphere with family or friends, opt for an oriental style. Dress up your interior with warm colors, wrought iron and arabesques to create a decoration worthy of the Thousand and One Nights tales.

A universe between charm and pleasure

Take inspiration from the oriental spirit and all the images it suggests. Imagine colorful and warm notes like Moroccan landscapes in an atmosphere of sheers and wrought iron. Decorate your interior with benches, coffee tables, four-poster bed and other furniture that invite you to relax and unwind. They will transport you in an imagination far from your everyday life. For moments of conviviality with friends, arrange your living room with benches adorned with gilding and cushions in orange-red tones. Comfortably installed, you can enjoy a mint tea around a coffee table combining delicacy and refinement with wrought iron and glass. Incomparable, this oriental atmosphere will take you on a journey into a mysterious and traditional universe. Volutes, arabesques and gradations of bright colors will accompany you in a distant country and evocative of the joy of living. In a Moroccan style, adopt an authentic and elegant decor. You will be able to embark on an aesthetic and sensory journey through the wonders of oriental decoration. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"