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Kitchen Chef double ice cream maker test: one and one makes two

Kitchen Chef double ice cream maker test: one and one makes two

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Cross our fingers so that this mild weather will last a little longer than the previous ones and quickly get out of the ice cream maker before the clouds resume their rights (but by what right first?). Let's even do better than take out the ice cream maker, let's get out the double ice cream maker since I was able to test this funny machine. According to my sources (finally my research on the Internet), there are only two double ice cream makers on the market: the Cuisinart ICE40BCE and the Kitchen Chef DIC9401D. It was the latter that was entrusted to me. Recall the principle of a double ice cream maker whose name alone should give you all the explanations, but not skimping on the referencing, I do it: a double ice cream maker therefore has two compartments for making two flavors of ice cream simultaneously. On this subject, the Kitchen Chef DIC9401D has a little usurped its name since in fact of double ice cream maker, it is rather two ice cream maker with common base. Explanations in pictures.


As you can see, this double ice cream maker has two independent motors with two sockets. Only the common base gives the illusion of having only one device. If the tanks seem to be of good behavior, it must nevertheless be noted that the separable elements are of fairly light quality: a lot of plastic and the closings of the cover seem quite fragile. I'm afraid that with regular use, the elements will eventually give way.
In terms of practicality, since this is an ice cream maker, you will obviously have to put your vats in the freezer: with a height of 11.5 cm and a diameter of 17 cm, this did not cause me any problems. As there are two tanks, there is therefore a fairly large space which will be reserved in the freezer. The tanks must remain there for a minimum of 8 hours.

The test

In terms of the test (which you can see in the video below), I therefore made the traditional vanilla - chocolate. With the two 0.7 l tanks, 8 people can be accommodated without problem. My ice cream being based on custard, the ice cream maker took 40 minutes to make it but during a previous test with a strawberry ice cream, the result appeared after twenty minutes. It has no timer or timer, so it's up to you to decide whether your ice cream is taken or not. In general, it is considered that when the blade begins to slow down, it means that the ice is well taken.

Homemade ice cream is always softer than industrial ice cream when it comes out of the ice cream maker, so you have to put it in the freezer for a few more hours for a good result.
With the remaining egg whites, we take the opportunity to make small meringues that will accompany the ice cream! If the concept of double ice cream maker is rather nice, I was a little taken aback by this machine which is actually two machines and especially by its price which, far from being excessive (at the lowest I found it on the internet at 69 , € 90) is more expensive than if you buy the same ice cream makers separately (€ 29.90). This would imply that the common base which has no interest in using the machine would cost us € 9.90. It is far from being a good deal. It is therefore better to invest in two separate machines but if you are a fan of ice cream to the point of wanting a double perfume right away! Also choose a more upscale ice cream maker whose elements will certainly be more resistant. DIC9401D Double Ice Cream Maker, Kitchen Chef, € 69.90