12 eco-friendly clocks to be on time for the start of the school year

12 eco-friendly clocks to be on time for the start of the school year

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Go green with green clocks made from durable materials. Bamboo, FSC wood, biodegradable plastic, vegetable or 100% recycled, here is our selection of environmentally friendly clock models.

Bamboo / wood

Bamboo, very popular in eco-design, also dresses clocks. Lexon and its Safe sufe range on this wave with a designer clock made of bamboo and PLA (corn-based plastic). We also find wooden clocks from sustainably managed Jura forests at Reine Mère. We appreciate the simplicity of the lines and the nobility of the wood.

Felt / Recycling '

There are also models in unusual materials, such as the Girl felt model from Nepal. Handcrafted for this fair and natural product born from the collaboration between designer Cébédé and the brand Equité. The recovery of objects gives rise to quite surprising models of clocks: the boxed clock protecting films in 16 mm, the vinyl clock or the clock with cutlery needles.


And why not a water clock? Made of biodegradable plastic, in the shape of a globe or multifunction, the water models are equipped with a water battery of variable duration, rechargeable of course.


To play the full card of nature, the City Time clock is made up of 12 cubes of vegetable moss. Made in France, it requires no watering. Its lifespan is however limited to 10 years.