Father's Day: stock up on gift ideas!

Father's Day: stock up on gift ideas!

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June 17 is Father's Day. An opportunity that you do not want to miss to give him a nice gift ... except that you lack a little inspiration! Do not panic ! Here are some great ideas to grab.

For a cook dad

If your father is happy to put on the budding chef's hat, why not offer him a barbecue, a grill or a plancha on which he could improvise very convivial grills this summer? Or how to allow him to combine the art of cooking and the pleasure of having lunch outdoors in summer. In the kitchen!

For a dad ready to go on vacation

Because Father's Day is close to summer vacation each year, the opportunity may be right to offer him beach towels, foldable and nomad furniture for camping or a digital photo frame in which he will be able to scroll through the photos taken this summer.

For a trendy high-tech dad

Does your father love the latest generation accessories? Bet on a high-tech object, with light effects and a sleek design like an alarm clock or a futuristic desk lamp. A purely technological accessory like an MP3 docking station could also do the trick if your father loves the party or if he is a music lover!

For a stressed dad

Rather than offering him a massage, perhaps you could please your father by offering him the luxury of sitting on a relaxation chair, with adjustable seat and backrest, ergonomics and absolute comfort, and why not, system heating! Ideal for him to decompress quietly when coming home from work or in his spare time!