Video: create a children's headboard with wooden planks

Video: create a children's headboard with wooden planks

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When the recuperative spirit arrives in the children's room, we obtain in particular an adorable headboard made of wooden planks! The seaside spirit is not far away ... Look, you could perhaps succumb to this achievement at a low price, easy to create and simply to chew.

Watch the video :

Level: medium Completion time: 3 hours Indicative cost: 36 € Necessary material : 3 pine planks + 1 cleat + blue-green paint + decorative nails

Steps :

- Draw a mark in the middle of each board - Saw the boards - Place the 6 boards obtained side by side - Take the measurement of the 6 boards and transfer it to the cleat - Saw the cleat - Place the 2 cleats obtained on the boards - Drill them and screw them onto the boards to unite them - With a damp sponge, paint the headboard thus created in blue-green - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Draw a mark 17 cm from the top of the headboard - Drill a hole on each board following the mark - Nail a large decorative nail into the drilled holes The decor tip: prefer fixing the nails on the visible side of the headboard to accentuate the "recuperated" style. Far from being unsightly, you will see how this line of nails enhances the whole! Shopping: Duvet cover and pillowcase, white and black Tvablad Cirkel IKEA IKEA paper lampshade Flat woven rug, ecru Egeby IKEA Mattress 1 place Sultan Florvag IKEA Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi