Zoom on the famous orange Fiskars ring scissors

Zoom on the famous orange Fiskars ring scissors

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Since 1967, the famous orange ring scissors from Fiskars have proven to be very useful in the home: sewing, cooking, office, DIY, creative hobbies, decoration. Zoom on these mythical scissors.

The birth of Fiskars scissors

Founded in 1649, the Finnish brand Fiskars has significant know-how for cutting and forging steel. The company then specializes in the production of cutting material for household, office, sewing and even industry. It was after the Second World War that Fiskars began mass production and, in 1967, offered handles molded by a process of injecting plastic directly onto the blades. The scissors of designer Olavi Linden, symbols of innovation and timeless design, were even exhibited at the Cité du design in Saint-Etienne in 2009 and are present in the collections of MoMa in New York.

An iconic color

We owe the orange color of the handle to the manufacture of the prototype in this color while the final scissors had to be black, red or green. The machinist had indeed decided to finish the orange resin he had left from the production of a juicer. But the orange prototype packs everyone and it is this very trendy color in the 70s that will be chosen. And if the Fiskars scissors are sometimes red, it is a left-handed model!

A utility in the whole house

Fiskars universal scissors can be used throughout the house, but note that you will also find specialized orange scissors depending on your activities. The serrated scissors will allow you to cut the news: 739845 fabric, the scissors with ridged blades will be very functional in the kitchen… For creative hobbies, you will not only be able to use the classic scissors but also opt for smaller models with pointed ends for precision work. > More info on