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Recycle your summer garlands to light up the new school year

Recycle your summer garlands to light up the new school year

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This summer the garlands are the undisputed stars of the garden! And to wait until next year, the string lights are installed in the living room to illuminate the start of the school year. Here are our tips for reusing your garlands.

Garlands of summer

In your garden or on the terrace, the LED garlands bring a real atmosphere to your summer evenings. In your plants or on the dinner table, their little lights are very festive and it would be a shame to put them in cupboards until next year so we recycle!

How to reuse them?

To use the string lights in your living room, we do like outside! You can for example use them on the table runner for your dinners, in doorway, above the sofa or on a piece of furniture a little sad. If you want something more original, put a garland in a large transparent vase to create a light pot. You can add a few feathers or cotton to give a more diffuse appearance. Your vase can be installed in the center of a table or on a piece of furniture. You don't have garlands? It's still time to buy one! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"