Bayadère stripes brighten up the decor!

Bayadère stripes brighten up the decor!

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This multicolored striped print will brighten up your interior this summer! Cheerful and warm with its shimmering colors, the bayadère spirit invites itself on your curtains, your bed linen and even on your wallpaper.

Did you say bayadère?

Formerly, "bayadère" designated the sacred dancers of India then was then used to name the fabrics with the bright stripes which the latter wore. Only fabrics with irregular bands and contrasting colors can be qualified as bayadère.

Graphic spirit

If you want cheerfulness, colors for your home sweet home, adopt the attitude bayadère! With its surprising multicolored stripes and its graphic effect, this print is a sure bet to brighten up your living spaces but also your exteriors. On your terraces or balconies, choose this pattern for your cushions, your bath towels for example.

Take a bayadère-style vitamin cure

Very fashionable on the curtains, the bed linen and that of the table, the bayadère fabric invites itself everywhere and awakens your decor. A sad corridor? Place a bayadère-style wallpaper in fresh, dynamic tones to illuminate this space which will take on relief in the blink of an eye. With its very trendy spirit, the bayadère spirit is also very popular in the bedrooms. A few strips of wallpaper affixed behind a headboard will immediately give cachet and personality to your cozy nest.