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What colors on the walls with honey-colored furniture?

What colors on the walls with honey-colored furniture?

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Elise's question


Decorative answer: combine colors evoking the South with linen or twine

From the description of your interior, namely the sun-yellow sofa and the honey-colored furniture, I have the feeling of being in an interior that recalls the South. For that I would keep your idea of ​​a light color but rather in a more subtle shade like a string or a light linen, this will bring the clarity that you are looking for without shrinking the volumes. The choice is quite wide and the colors are all more beautiful than each other. As for the curtains, maybe you could change them for a more neutral shade and a natural material, salmon and raspberry are not easy colors to marry. A raw linen sheer would contribute to this feeling of well-being that brings us the sun from your sofa and your honey-colored furniture. You too, send us your decoration question