How to paint a metal cabinet in epoxy steel?

How to paint a metal cabinet in epoxy steel?

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Justine's Question


Decorative answer: special iron spray paint

There is no need to sand your metal cabinet; however it is important to use a special bomb for iron. A little tip, put yourself 50 cm from your wardrobe and go in several times to avoid smudging. It is very important to let the paint dry between each coat. If your metal cabinet is rusty or damaged in some places, you will first have to pass a very fine steel wool over the area in question. It is also possible, if the metal is heavily attacked, to apply WD40 on rust. It is best to leave on overnight and then sand with a very fine glass wool. Before spray painting, wipe your furniture with a damp sponge to remove all dust. There is also a very effective gelled stripper aerosol on all types of paints. You too, send us your decoration question