The clamp lamp, practical and design

The clamp lamp, practical and design

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The reading lamp, which is fixed on shelves with a clamp, is making a comeback. Today, it is found in translucent plastic, available in all colors, in brushed or nickel-finished metal. Nomadic, this lamp swivels on its axis and provides oriented lighting, which can be directed at will to highlight an object, a work plan, a reading corner or the floor or ceiling. It's up to you to create your light atmosphere!

Where to install the clamp lamp?

The clamp lamp or spotlight hangs where you want it. On the corner of a shelf to highlight books in a library, on the edge of a piece of furniture directed towards a table or photographs, on a headboard as a bedside lamp, in the kitchen or the room bathroom ... This lamp will also find its place on a desk, an architect's table or a drawing table. It is indeed the essential accessory for artists and creatives in search of aesthetic and quality lighting. The clamp lamp occupies a minimum of space and is suitable for small workspaces. It can also be diverted and becomes a wall light. It will suffice to fix it to the wall.

What style of clamp lamp to choose?

You will find many models of clamp lamps. Most popular today is the lamp inspired by the industrial style. The Conran Shop offers the Clip Luci, in brushed aluminum (55 euros). At Tsé & Tsé, we dare the bright colors and full of pep with horn lamps in polished aluminum, lacquered on the lower part (133 euros). On the BHV side, it's retro trend with the Detroit lamp at 25 euros. A style that can be found on the site, with the Chaplin model in metal with a shiny nickel finish (95 euros). You can also equip yourself with the most beautiful luminous object of the year 2000! The Topolina, awarded at the Maison & Objet trade fair, was designed by designer Christophe Matthieu. This transparent lamp, blue, green or orange, incorporates an aluminum reflector which allows the absorption of the bulb temperature and the redirection of the light ray.

At what price ?

The aforementioned products are not necessarily cheap ... For very low prices, look on the side of the big decoration brands, at Ikea, But or Leroy Merlin, which offer lamps and clip-on spots for all styles. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"