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Arc International: sublimated tableware

Arc International: sublimated tableware

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Behind the Arc International group, did you know that there are no less than five brands hiding in the tableware industry? Back on an incredible epic that has lasted for more than 185 years.

The birth of Arc International

Originally, Arc International did not yet exist. In fact, in 1825, the date of creation, we talk about the Verrerie Cristallerie D'Arques which is located in Pas-de-Calais. The company continued its course until 1930 when the director's son, Jacques Durand returned from the United States with production techniques allowing automation. It was then that the first basin furnaces were installed in Arques, thanks to this the glass was produced continuously and the company took a step ahead. Following this advance, the innovations will not stop continuing: installation of the first glass-blowing machines, automation of the production of stemware…

The development of Arc International

It was in 2000 that the Verrerie Cristallerie D'Arques became the Arc International group. Indeed, the company has not stopped developing since 1948 when the group's first brand, Luminarc, was created. In total today, Arc international is a group of five brands which are aimed at both the general public and professionals: Cristal d'Arques Paris, Luminarc, Chef & Sommelier, Pyrex and Arcoroc. The first is the original company that offers glassware, Luminarc presents collections for every day, Chef & Sommelier is aimed at catering professionals, Pyrex is a brand of cooking products and finally Arcoroc is a dedicated range to glass ceramic products.

Arc International today

Today, the group produces an average of 1,400 tonnes of glass per day, or around 5 million pieces, which places it as a true leader in tableware. The different brands are constantly presenting new trends in terms of shape, color but also use to offer products that match consumers' lifestyles. Discover Arc International in pictures. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"