3 golden rules to create a seaside lounge

3 golden rules to create a seaside lounge

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No need to wait for the holidays, by changing the decor, it is easy to feel by the sea. Provided you follow these three golden rules.

Natural materials

Who says sea says nature, who says nature necessarily says natural materials! Driftwood light fixtures, a kubu fiber or woven rattan sofa, a wicker trunk, wooden paneling to cover the walls, a beech coffee table: the choice is wide to reflect the natural spirit of the edges sea.

Marine patterns and shapes

Everything that embodies the sea is welcome. Why not choose a carpet delicately decorated with pretty fish or pebbles? We can also count on the cargo style printed letters that bring a port air, on a buoy-shaped clock, a lantern evoking lighthouses or ocean landscapes framed in paintings. And to further enhance the decor, the must is to place one or two decorative objects on a shelf, such as a model of a boat or the sculpture of a seagull.

Soft colors

The rocking of the waves, a gentle breeze, the sun that warms our skin: the marine atmosphere that enchants us and makes us dream is full of charm. To remain faithful to this framework but also to blend well with the natural materials chosen, the color code is pastel. The most representative tones being blue, white, gray and beige, we choose the combinations that we like the most: cargo gray and dark blue, off-white and sky blue, or a gradient of white and beige. You no longer feel so far from the beach and its shells… Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"