8 practical and cool toilet paper dispensers!

8 practical and cool toilet paper dispensers!

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What if we transformed a toilet paper dispenser into a real decorative asset? Certainly, on paper (WC), the most essential accessory for toilets is not frankly design. But because we like challenges, we have found something for you to change your mind: finally, toilet paper is trendy.

1. Copper advantage for the toilet paper dispenser

If copper is in fashion, we let you imagine the note of chic that it brings to an accessory that is in great need of it… Especially when the toilet paper holder is to ask, adopts an industrial look like copper pipes, includes a support for the spare rollers and is integrated into a complete set. Trash can, toilet brush or even matching mirror, everything is good for chic-izing the toilet.

2. A toilet paper dispenser with a shelf

We told you about nice and practical toilet paper holders, we found the king of the genre: sleek look, industrial materials and dual function. First, he knows how to be discreet, hanging on the wall to clear the floor but not too flashy to avoid being noticed. Two, it combines chromed metal and thick glass, the decor combo of the industrial trend. Three, it has a tablet on top, a must to accommodate a pretty green plant, a book ... or a smartphone.

3. Design effect for the toilet paper holder

The big advantage of free standing toilet paper dispensers is due to the lack of fixing: no need to drill the wall or damage the tiles, they are placed directly on the floor. By the way, they often plan a storage for the spare rollers, just to avoid the badly timed paper breakdown. If in addition, they offer a minimalist design in shiny metal on a stone effect base for the natural touch, we say decoration. Sorry, banco.

4. A natural and diy toilet paper holder

And if we made it ourselves, the perfect toilet paper holder ? Two tan leather straps, two screws in the wall hidden by light wooden cylinders and a matching baguette sawn to the right size to slide the toilet paper roll, voila. The mix of leather and wood is chic, versatile and trendy just enough to give character to the little corner. The icing on the roller, the system is practical ... and you can even decline it by painting the wood or changing the color of the leather!

5. A double industrial toilet paper dispenser

For those who swear by the industrial trend, this is the opportunity to give style to the toilet. With or without a metal panel on the walls, we opt for a 100% metallic toilet paper dispenser, painted in a dark and matte shade. We do not forget the wink with an adjustable wrench glued and painted in tone on tone just above. Or the practical side with a double unwinder to halve the risk of shortage!

6. Rustic look for the toilet paper holder

A graphic set of stained wooden battens, a system without drilling to install and it's won for the jungle decor. With a few green plants, white and beige, the toilet paper holder turns into decorative object easy to make yourself (or not), with several floors for the paper reserve and which can even, height of chic, accommodate a small hand towel. Perfect for placing between the toilet and the sink in a cramped bathroom!

7. A hanging brush and paper dispenser set for the toilet

Breaking through walls sometimes earns points in decoration. A hanging toilet paper dispenser frees the floor, keeps the paper close at hand and lightens the decoration. And if, in addition, the wall covering is designer, the support becomes almost invisible with its minimalist line floating on the wall. Any more details? We choose the matching brush for a chic and playful set.

8. A homemade driftwood toilet paper holder

Be careful, smart idea. For those lucky enough to have a beach close at hand, we walk the sand until we find a piece of driftwood bent like a cane. Screwed to the wall, drilled at one end and with a round notch in the hole saw just behind, you can slip a wooden cylinder into it hang toilet paper Robinson Crusoe style. No beach at hand? Too bad for the float, we go to the forest to get a piece of wood!