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How to create a tailor-made children's library?

How to create a tailor-made children's library?

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Essentials of a children's library

Choosing to place a bookcase in your child's room is a great solution. encourage him to read and to take books independently. It is therefore advisable to create a library that is adapted to its size so that he can access his books on his own, without the help of an adult. A library that is both practical, on its scale and fun is an excellent bias. If the space of his room allows it, think about create a cozy corner right next to his library. A small armchair or a large pouffe will do the trick. He will thus get into the habit, from an early age, of settle in this little relaxation corner to leaf through his books. This activity will become natural for him and will give him more of a taste for reading.

A library with wooden crates

Choose wooden cases to create a library tailored to your child. take care of paint them outside in a color that will harmonize with the rest of the room. In regards to interior wooden cases, you can also to paint, preferably of a different color from the outside, but also prefer toline them with nice wallpaper for their give relief. Then attach feet under the boxes to offer them an aesthetic support. Choose the legs in a style that you like, if possible light so as not to give your library an overly massive appearance. You can also opt for casters instead of traditional feet in order to get a mobile library which can turn out as practical as it is fun for your child.

Overlay shelves

A simple solution to make a bookcase for a child's room is to fix shelves one above the other on one of the walls of the room. Think of do not fix the first shelf too low to keep the books accessible to your child. prefer reserve the highest shelves for more fragile items like trinkets. You can choose shelves all the same color or vary the colors for more fun. You will find shelves that attach to the wall without the need for support like brackets for a lighter effect.

Hang baskets on the wall

Pretty metal baskets hanging on the wall can constitute a very original children's library. You can choose to align them rigorously or from shift them relative to each other for more originality. Likewise, you can opt for baskets in one and the same shade or for baskets of different colors. Just like the shelves, think about adapt the mounting height to your child's height so that he can easily grab the books he wants to read or watch.

A wooden niche library

Create a tailor-made library for your child using boards. You will be able to manufacture a piece of furniture as found in trade but with the possibility of customize it to the maximum. You will be able to multiply niches by choosing the number and dimensions you want. feel free to play on volumes to give life to your furniture. For colors, let your inspiration speak too. You can choose only one that will cover your entire piece of furniture or opt for a more colorful solution. You can then paint the outside of your library and its amounts in a color and then vary the colors for the niches. You will then get a colorful piece of furniture ideal for fitting into a child's bedroom.