Replace an old wall switch

Replace an old wall switch

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To replace a wall switch, a few minutes may be enough if you choose the right product for future use and if you follow simple advice. Indeed, the switch is often connected to the network by three simple electric cables. Only back-and-forth may require a fourth connection. The individual can therefore launch his own replacement.

Replace an old wall switch: safety and simplicity

The only essential precaution is to cut the general current before acting on the switch. Then, removing the old model should not be a problem using pliers and a small screwdriver for the fixings. Care should be taken in choosing the new product for the size of the hole used to insert the switch in order to avoid having to handle plaster. Dimensions are often standardized. Then check the condition of the input and output cables and the wire leading to the ground.

Replace an old wall switch: opt for better

Changing an old switch is also an opportunity to take a new model with innovative attributes. We can, for example, try to switch back and forth with another switch at the other end of the room so that the two control the same outlet. If necessary, the connections will therefore be more complex and connecting the two switches requires greater knowledge of electricity. You can also simply opt for a dimmer which modulates the intensity of the light. Replacing an old switch often adds to the light management in the room.