Renovate a piece of furniture with waxed concrete

Renovate a piece of furniture with waxed concrete

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Concrete is trendy. And, once polished, it allows you to give new life to old furniture or to give it a whole new look or to decorate it in an original way, colorful or not.

Renovate a piece of furniture with waxed concrete: the surface should be smooth, but not too much…

To ensure the good performance of the waxed concrete coating that you prepare for your old furniture, it is important to prepare the surface to be treated. The first step is first to identify any impurities and breaks in the wood. If holes appear or pieces are left, on the legs of the furniture for example, it is important to use wood pulp to fill the hollows. Then, it is important to wash the furniture: a soft cloth soaked in diluted Saint Marc detergent, for example, can be passed. Finally, it is recommended to sand the wood. By passing sandpaper, you will finish removing any dirt or dust. In addition, this will make it possible to reveal scratches on the surface which will allow better hold of the material which will then be deposited. Attention, it is necessary to sand well in the direction of the wood fibers to avoid marking the furniture.

Renovate a piece of furniture with waxed concrete: several layers

The creation of small scratches, added to a bonding undercoat will allow better adhesion of the final paint. Indeed, the application of a bonding primer sold in stores will give the impression that your furniture to be waxed is in raw wood. Finally, it is recommended to pass several layers of waxed concrete to ensure its effect.