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Make tadelakt

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Very fashionable, this lime plaster immediately brings an oriental style to your interior. Ready-to-use tadelakt can easily be found in DIY surfaces, but you can also make it yourself. The operation, very simple, requires little time, for a truly tailor-made result.

Know before putting tadelakt

It is recommended to install tadelakt in the fall or spring, when the temperatures do not vary much. Plan to wear disposable gloves and a protective mask, to avoid breathing lime vapors. If you plan to apply tadelakt on a large area, plan to work in pairs: tadelakt is applied in one go. Also be sure to work in a well ventilated room: ventilation is essential when using lime.

How to make tadelakt?

Prepare the plaster the day before the day you apply it. Traditionally, tadelakt is composed of a mixture of lime from Marrakech (or air lime), water and natural pigment (20% of the mixture in the case of oxide pigments, 15% in the case of coloring pigments). For about 10 m², count 20 liters of powdered lime, 20 liters of 0.6 marble powder and 15 to 20% of pigments. It is not useful to add marble powder if you are using Marrakech lime. Be aware that the pigment, once dry, will be much lighter than its original color: dose it accordingly. The tadelakt must be homogeneous and flexible.