Paint a ceiling

Paint a ceiling

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Painting a ceiling is a very simple operation. You just have to take care during the application to avoid splashing and work with application for a uniform rendering. If you plan to paint the walls too, start by painting the ceiling: this will avoid any stains.

What paint to choose to paint a ceiling?

A light shade will enlarge the room. The ceiling has irregularities? Opt for a matt paint, very covering, which reduces imperfections.

Prepare the surface

Start by making sure the ceiling is clean, dry, free of irregularities and healthy. Fill any cracks with plaster, dust, wash, let dry. Then apply an undercoat, which will ensure the longevity of the paint. Apply masking tape to the top of the walls.

How to paint a ceiling?

Mix the paint with a wooden stick, until it is very homogeneous. Pour it into a paint bucket. Paint the corners and edges with a resurfacing brush, without overloading the brush. To paint the ceiling, take a roller. Soak it halfway in the pan, then spin on the spin rack. Work in areas of one square meter, passing the roller in length, in width, then in the direction of the light. Go back to the edge of the previous area each time you move to a new area. Remove the masking tape, then allow to dry for the time indicated. If you want to apply a second coat, proceed in exactly the same way. > Or ask for a quote for painting