Choose a versatile shelving

Choose a versatile shelving

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Convenient and easy to install, the versatile shelving is a utility storage solution that adapts to all needs. Available in various sizes, materials and prices, these adjustable shelves are renowned for their solidity.

Versatile shelving for what purpose?

Utility storage par excellence, these shelves will find their place in various rooms of the house. In the office, you can place bulky files, books, archives and binders which sometimes weigh very heavy. In the cellar or cellar, the food reserve, the household appliances and the water packs will easily find their place on these shelves. In the garage, gardening tools and equipment will be stored on solid shelves to their measurements. We can also install this type of storage in a bedroom or dressing room to store linens, clothes or shoe boxes.

What material to choose for its versatile shelving?

The choice of material depends on the use that will be made of multipurpose shelving, but also on the room in which they will be placed. The plastic models are solid and resistant to humidity, so they can be installed in any type of room. The wooden shelves are more aesthetic, but also more fragile, they will be perfect in a bedroom or a dressing room. Durable and very solid, the galvanized steel shelving can accommodate tools in the garage or garden shed, for example.

The dimensions and budget of its versatile shelving

The prices of multipurpose shelving vary according to their dimensions and quality. Some models have a lot of shelves and can go up to the ceiling, so they optimize storage. These must be fixed to the wall to guarantee good stability of the assembly. Calculate your needs and possibilities in terms of space to choose the right model. You will find entry-level models from € 20 for small plastic shelving and up to € 500 for professional equipment in galvanized steel.