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An essential element for dressing up the living room, the library allows you to store and display many objects such as books, photos, but also CDs or decorative accessories. In order to choose the right library for your needs, take into account the dimensions and size of the room for a functional piece of furniture.

A practical library

We do not choose the same type of library according to the type of objects to store. Most of the time, the bookcases are adapted to accommodate books or other objects of different sizes. But if you want to place works in large formats like beautiful books, comics or vinyls, the lockers will have to be much higher. The solution may be to opt for shelving mounted on a rack and therefore adjustable. Pay particular attention to the quality and solidity of your library, because the more books you store there, the greater the weight.

A library adapted to your space

In the trade, there is a wide range of models in various styles, dimensions and materials. Take the measurements of the room and assess the quantity of objects to put away to choose a storage unit that will enhance your living room or your living room. Suspended, built-in bookcase or simply placed against a wall, it must integrate harmoniously with your interior decoration. To enlarge the space, the length models are perfect, and to give an impression of height, the vertical elements are very advantageous. If you are a handyman, you can completely make your custom library.

A modular and fun library

If you like to change the decoration of your interior regularly or if you need to partition a room, modular furniture will be particularly practical. To divide your living room in half and clear an office area for example, the ideal is to choose a library on casters with open lockers that will let in light. Another solution, both decorative and practical, the stacking cubes. With different dimensions and colors, these modules are placed on the floor and can be easily moved. Fixed in height randomly, these modular libraries will allow you to play on a dynamic and original.