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Tidy up your documents: all our tips

Tidy up your documents: all our tips

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Tidy up your documents in a filing cabinet

Depending on your needs in terms of administrative storage, you can opt for a large filing cabinet or several small ones. The main thing is to properly classify each type of document and label the compartments. Using dividers allows you to sort by categories and sub-categories. For example in the accommodation part, separate the category of electricity, water, heating and gas bills from the telephone and Internet part. Another tab can accommodate administrative documents such as rent receipts and another for work. Store your filing cabinets on a shelf for good visibility or in a closet near the desk.

Tidy up your papers in decorative boxes

Depending on your needs, you will find all kinds of storage boxes, in all colors and sizes. Placed on a wall shelf, they will serve as decoration while remaining accessible. Label each box and dedicate each one to a document type. This storage solution is ideal for storing bulky papers that must be kept for several years, but which are not useful in everyday life. So use its pretty boxes to store your archives or your letter paper, envelopes and stamps.

Store documents in an accordion case or filing cabinet

For compact and convenient storage, metal or plastic cases are ideal. Equipped with a latch cover, they save space, but also classify documents by category in vertical and removable dividers. Always remember to write the type of document concerned on the label provided for this purpose. Even more practical, the accordion files unfold to facilitate visibility and access to papers. Solid and inexpensive, but also decorative, these cases will last a long time.