Install an under-roof screen

Install an under-roof screen

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The protection of roofs against wind or heavy precipitation is essential. The roofing screens (tarpaulins placed between the frame and the roof) guarantee permanently insulated roof spaces. Our advice for a successful installation.

Roofing screen: rigorous installation

When the weather forecast is favorable (little wind, no rain), you can tackle the installation of the roofing screens. Films must be installed from the bottom up, starting from the top of the gutter. The strips, positioned horizontally, must be perfectly tensioned by stapling them repeatedly to the frame. Be careful to cover the entire frame in order to insulate perfectly. The water should be able to flow directly into the gutters, so the smallest space will be very inconvenient. This rigor in the installation is essential to obtain an optimal result.

Fixing the battens on the roofing screens

When the roofing screens are installed, battens must be nailed on them which will be used to install the roofing elements. For the spacing between each batten, evaluate it according to the length of the tiles which have been chosen to cover the roof. Counter battens, fixed perpendicularly and at the level of the rafters, guarantee better stability and avoid unwanted water retention.