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Choose a dishwasher

Choose a dishwasher

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It's a fact, using a dishwasher consumes less water than doing your dishes by hand (10 liters against 42 on average). Some tips for choosing the right equipment, one of the most important investments in the kitchen.

Choose a dishwasher: how many place settings?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a dishwasher, and first and foremost the size of the family. It is this which determines the number of place settings for the appliance: while the range of models ranges from 4 to 15 place settings, it is generally agreed that a family of four to six people uses a dishwasher. '' a capacity of 12 place settings. It also depends on the space available in the kitchen. In fact, it is always better to favor the purchase of a more efficient, high-capacity dishwasher.

What type of dishwasher?

You should then know that several formats of dishwashers are offered for sale. So-called free-standing or standard appliances can be installed wherever you want in the kitchen. The built-in and built-in dishwashers are tucked away in a place provided for this purpose, the latter being also dressed in the colors of the kitchen.

Choosing a dishwasher: energy and noise level

Choosing a dishwasher also means looking at its energy consumption and noise level, especially if you use it at night and have neighbors! The second is indicated on the energy label, and varies from 45 to 60 dB. There are also very quiet models at 39 dB. The energy class of the device is also important. The label indicates it, from A +++ to D. As much favor the first, knowing that the differences are enormous: between the first two levels A +++ and A ++, energy consumption can vary from 30 to 60%! The label also provides information on water consumption and drying.