Lighting up an alley

Lighting up an alley

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Outdoor lighting is highly valued for its aesthetics and the appearance it gives to your garden. But above all, they are functional objects that make it possible to secure and mark out the different areas of your garden like an alley.

Aisles lighting objectives

Signposting an alley will allow you to circulate in this alley in complete safety, without risking deviating or tripping over it. But automatic lighting also has a deterrent effect on unwelcome visitors. You must choose your lighting according to the desired intensity and the appearance you want to give to your garden. Note that for aisle lighting, 1.5 watts is necessary for 1 m².

Automatic aisle lighting

The electric lighting in your driveway allows you to program the duration of the lighting using a timer. Often, the spotlights and halogens used to light the aisles are equipped with motion detectors which control the automatic lighting, which is very practical for entering the car in the garage, for example. The floor lamp is a light widely used to light the aisles. Different sizes and materials, they are very easy to install.

Special effects

If, on the contrary, you want to light your aisle towards the ground to create a particular visual effect, the ideal is to place light bollards between the plants that mark out your aisle. This will have the effect of illuminating the aisle without dazzling the passer-by and of concealing the spotlights and bollards. Be careful, however, not to place the spots too close to the plants, as they could burn them. Another option to light up your driveway is to highlight what surrounds your driveway, a massif, a tree or a decorative element. You can do this by placing spots at the foot of these elements.