Choose the material of my partition

Choose the material of my partition

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The choice of the most suitable material for a partition depends on many parameters. But between aerated concrete, brick, plasterboard or glass brick, everyone should find something to meet their needs.

Aerated concrete and brick: very good insulators and humidity regulators

Aerated concrete and brick offer fairly similar properties. Both are particularly good insulators (thermal and acoustic) and excellent humidity regulators. Aerated concrete, however, wins the prize for lightness, because it is on average half as heavy as brick. Finally, in terms of budget, the two materials remain in the same price range: it will take from 30 to 50 € per m².

Plasterboard: for a controlled budget

In terms of budget control, plasterboard far exceeds other materials, with a cost of 5 to 15 € per m². Mounted on a frame, it allows easy concealment of electrical cables and possible piping. However, its weak point remains its insulation capacity. However, installing an insulation layer will quickly resolve this problem.

Glass block: heavier and more expensive

Glass brick is by far the most expensive material. It will take between 60 and 150 € per m² to make a transparent or colored decorative partition. But if it offers very good water resistance and high-performance insulation qualities, it is, however, very heavy. It will therefore be necessary to ensure the capacity of the floor to withstand such a load.