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Laying carpet on the stairs

Laying carpet on the stairs

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Laying carpet on a staircase can result from both an aesthetic desire and a desire to soundproof it. It is a simple operation and accessible to all. However, it must be done with care and meticulousness.

Choose your carpet for the staircase and your type of installation

The choice of carpet and the type of installation depends on the staircase. For wooden stairs, it is better to opt for a studded installation. This method has the advantage of not damaging the wood and preserving it if one day it were to be stripped bare. On the other hand, for concrete or hard material stairs, glued installation is ideal. In this case, you should choose a latex-backed carpet.

Prepare your staircase and carpet

The staircase needs to be repaired before the carpet is laid. It must be washed; any holes must be filled with wood pulp (wooden staircase) or a filling plaster (concrete staircase). Ideally, the carpet will be rolled out 24 hours before being laid. This will allow it to adapt to humidity and room temperature.

Laying the carpet on the stairs

To save time and ease, it is better to lay the carpet from the top of the stairs down. It must be perfectly tensioned: there are tensioners specially designed to help you. For wooden stairs, the nails will be planted under the noses of the steps and at the step / riser junction, at intervals of 7 to 8 cm. Finally, to give a longer longevity to your coating, the hairs will be oriented so as to lie down during the ascent.