Install a solar boiler

Install a solar boiler

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Installation of the solar boiler tank

A solar tank, an insulated metal tank, takes place where a conventional tank is usually. It is connected to the sensors by a valve, then to a pump connected to the water circuit. By condensation, the water thus rises in the circuit until it is heated to the desired temperature. The thermal regulation controls the heating operation.


On the wall of the balloon is fixed an electrical resistance which allows to heat the house even when the sun is lacking. This backup boiler is triggered when the thermostat is below a certain temperature.

Installation of solar collectors

Installing a solar boiler requires several steps. Thus, installers must install thermal sensors (different from photovoltaics intended only for the production of electricity). Generally placed on the roof, they consist of a copper coil and a copper collecting surface covered with oxidized black titanium. This installation requires that tiles be removed, the sensors being fixed to the frame.