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Renovate an old fireplace

Renovate an old fireplace

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To renovate an old fireplace, it is necessary to go through several stages. If sweeping is essential, checks to ensure the proper functioning of the chimney are just as important.

Perform checks for the renovation of an old chimney

Before going to the renovation phase of your old fireplace, multiple checks must be performed to ensure optimal operation thereafter. To get started, take a look at the conduit for safety. Check its tightness to avoid possible poisoning, especially if your chimney has not been used for a long time. Then examine the smoke evacuation and check the draft control; the latter plays an essential role in combustion. Finally, complete the checks by testing the resistance of the pipe to high temperatures. These operations done, you can be sure that your old fireplace will work perfectly.

Some renovations for your fireplace

To make your old chimney look like new, sweeping is one of the essential steps to ensure its proper functioning. Also to clean the duct, you can use a chimney sweep to be sure that the job will be done well. Tubing is also required to protect the chimney flue from high temperatures. Depending on the condition of your old chimney, you may need to change the plate, or even strengthen the insulation of your hood. These various works can be quickly carried out, if you surround yourself with specialists.