Choose a gas CMV

Choose a gas CMV

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In the renewal and ventilation of the ambient air in a home, several ventilation systems coexist today and each offer certain advantages. Among the different types of CMV, there is one that uses gas to operate: the gas CMV. Here are some tips for choosing a gas CMV.

Operation of a gas VMC

The principle of gas VMC is to circulate the air within the home through mechanical ventilation. This system is based on the evacuation, by the same network, of stale air and combustion products from a boiler and requires the presence of extraction vents which provide the additional flow to be extracted.

Special features of the gas VMC

Using gas, the gas VMC is a highly regulated ventilation system that multiplies the safety devices to prevent the risk of accident as much as possible. In individual installation, the gas CMV must necessarily include an individual safety system in the form of a switch, thermal or pressure switch. In collective installation, other devices increase the equipment of the gas VMC. In addition to these safety devices, the gas VMC requires very regular maintenance, which must be carried out by a professional. These particularities of the gas CMV make this type of CMV almost exclusively reserved for collective dwellings.