Insulate the attic floor

Insulate the attic floor

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Insulate the floor over

If your floor is made from concrete, wood or slabs, it is best to insulate it on top. You must then drown a layer of extruded polystyrene in the slab. You can also insulate your floor on top by unrolling insulation between the joists, such as glass wool or rock wool. Once this is unrolled, then screw the plasterboard, as if to create a false ceiling.

Insulate the floor from below

The insulation of the floor below is therefore done through the ceiling of the room located on the lower floor. In this specific case, it is recommended to first place strips of insulation between the beams which will be held in place with nailed battens, and a continuous layer just above. You can also screw the joists on hangers that will support metal profiles which, in turn, will take care of maintaining the insulating materials. For sound insulation, do not hesitate to use a felt on the wooden panel, so you will no longer hear what is happening in the room below the eaves. These new installations will complement the existing insulation.