Choose a secure scaffold

Choose a secure scaffold

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Control your budget without neglecting your security

Buying a scaffold is sometimes a heavy investment. Thus, for one-off use, the use of rental can avoid large expenses. Most specialty stores offer it at attractive prices. For more regular use, the second-hand market is a good alternative. However, the purchaser must imperatively ensure the condition of the equipment and the presence of all parts. He must also ask for assembly and safety instructions.

At each use its scaffolding

There are several types of scaffolding. For safe use, it is therefore necessary to know your needs. Fixed scaffolds, by their cost and the complexity of their assembly, are to be reserved for professionals. The mobile range is more suited to the needs of households. There are two types. The most widely used rolling scaffold is ideal for the majority of domestic work. The staircase scaffolding ensures optimal stability by leveling on the steps. Whatever the model chosen, the working area must not exceed two meters the height of the platform. Accidents will be avoided.

Check the standards

French and European standards guarantee the quality and reliability of the scaffolding. There are several, depending on the maximum height of the material. It is therefore essential to check the presence of NE or NF labeling in the store. When buying on the second-hand market, make sure that the product meets the regulations in force.