Install a gas water heater

Install a gas water heater

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Gas water heater: connection to gas remains the most difficult

To optimize the use of his gas water heater, the individual must first pay attention to the gas connection of the device. In the most common case of connection to town gas, it is necessary to be very careful. This is the most sensitive part of the installation even if the new connection valves, once correctly positioned, offer more and more security and hermeticism.

Small size and flexible hoses

However, the outlet connections are now designed to be connected to conventional plumbing diameters. An individual can therefore consider carrying out the installation himself. We must not forget the primary advantage of the gas water heater during its installation, the maneuverability. Indeed, small volume and small weight make it possible to envisage several positioning solutions and facilitate the fixing in height if such should be the case. A final connection to electricity for the programming and control screens and everything is installed.