Insulate central heating pipes: all our advice

Insulate central heating pipes: all our advice

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Flexible, self-insulating sleeves

The new types of sheaths are developed in materials allowing at the same time flexibility, ease of installation and security of hermeticism. Individuals can therefore consider securing their heating distribution network themselves. The savings that will result, however, will be significant. The permeability of the network is often the first cause of loss of dry energy. Indeed, by releasing heat through the pipes, the system directly loses power.

The network, the first security

Once this action has been taken, the system can only gain power and profitability. The positive consequences are economic but also ecological. By consuming less energy and losing less, the user of a central heating system creates a virtuous cycle that prevents overconsumption. In summary, it is essential to isolate the ducts of the central heating system to start on a good basis a control of energy consumption.