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Choosing a type of underfloor heating: all our tips

Choosing a type of underfloor heating: all our tips

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Large and small types of underfloor heating

The heat pump and the boiler, heat generators of the floor heating with water, are normally more intended for large spaces like a house. In fact, their power makes it possible to diffuse as far as possible in the famous mesh pipes which constitute the distribution network. On the other hand, the electric heated floor can adapt to smaller spaces such as apartments. So to choose the type of underfloor heating to adopt, you must first take into account the area to be heated. Beyond 100 square meters, the floor heating with water appears to be the most judicious solution.

Harmony and economy

The floor heating water is the most economical mode of underfloor heating. On the contrary, an electric heated parquet is often more but is also more meticulous in the diffusion of heat and therefore offers more comfort than the water heated floor. The second of the major criteria in the selection of a type of underfloor heating is its profitability in the medium, then in the long term. On this point, the water heating floor is definitely more efficient.