Renovate a stone wall

Renovate a stone wall

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Like all structural work, renovating a stone wall may seem out of reach. But with a good diagnosis and the right equipment, the task can prove to be within your reach and your wall will regain its old charm.

What to watch out for

Before starting the work, you must examine your wall to define what work is to be done. What type of stones was used (limestone, shale, etc.)? How were they asked? Are there damaged stones that need to be replaced or is it just the seal that is crumbling? Is it a stone wall camouflaged behind a layer of cement that you want to reveal? So many questions that must be asked before starting work. If your wall is too unstable, a professional will probably be necessary.

Exterior stone wall

Now that you have properly examined your wall and checked that it is solid, you can start the work. In the case of an exterior wall, the finish will be more rustic. After cleaning and brushing, the joints to be redone or the stones to be changed are more visible. The picketing then involves dropping the pieces that no longer hold, but without damaging the healthy stones. The joints are often made of cement to resist the bad weather. You will then have to dose the cement correctly and fill the holes. After a period of rest, a final rinse and brushing will revive the original appearance of your wall.

Interior stone wall

The interior walls can be treated in the same way at the start (cleaning, staking), but the joint will depend on the stone, its color and the finish you want to bring. The lime joint is the most traditional, but requires a certain know-how. After determining the number of stones you want to leave visible, you can place your joint, taking care to moisten it for good adhesion and not to forget any place. Once the wall is brushed and the excess joint rinsed, your stone wall will regain all its charm.