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File: the external staircase

File: the external staircase

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Installing an outdoor staircase, what a funny idea! And yet this equipment may be essential to reach an upper floor or simply to arrange your garden. There are different types of exterior stairs. So how do you make the right choice? This practical sheet tells you everything!

Outdoor staircase: the different materials

Wood, metal, stone, concrete ... it is possible to choose the material for the construction of your external staircase. The choice will depend mainly on your preferences and your budget. Your outdoor staircase will be subject to weather conditions: it is therefore essential to choose the right material to limit maintenance costs. Stone, for example, requires very little maintenance while wood requires more of you. If your budget allows, go to a concrete or stone staircase.

Outdoor staircase: the different models

After choosing the material, you have to think about the models. There are three possibilities: the straight staircase, the spiral staircase, the helical staircase. Here too, the choice will depend on your needs and your budget. The straight staircase is the most classic, the cheapest and the easiest to build. Its main disadvantage: a large space is necessary for its construction and its installation. For added security, a ramp must be added. The turning staircase is the most modern. It brings a touch of originality to the home. It is possible to choose a quarter turn, double quarter turn or half turn staircase. It should not be confused with the spiral staircase. Its main advantage: space optimization. The spiral staircase (or spiral staircase) is the most design, for a contemporary exterior. It is simple to install and does not need walls as a support. Much more expensive than the other two types of stairs, it is chosen for small spaces or for its aesthetics.

Outdoor staircase: what price?

The price of the outdoor staircase will depend on the materials, the size and the shape. It is therefore difficult to define the amount of the investment. However, it is possible to quantify the totality of the work by giving price ranges. For metal stairs (aluminum, PVC or steel), you will need to invest a minimum of € 2,100. For stone stairs, the minimum price is € 1,800. For concrete stairs, the minimum price is € 700 (straight staircase) and can go up to € 2000 (helical staircase). For wooden stairs, the average price is € 600. Straight wooden stairs are the least expensive (from € 350). Conversely, wooden spiral staircases or spiral staircases are the most expensive (from € 600). There are also external staircases in kit with standard dimensions. The average price is € 200.