Feature: painting on tiles

Feature: painting on tiles

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To renovate a tiled floor or one that is no longer to your liking without undertaking major work, a little paint can be enough. On the floor or on the walls, tile paint is easy to apply and available in many finishes. To know how to put it, follow the guide!

Painting on wall tiles

It is quite easy to paint a wall tile, provided you follow all the steps: - Thoroughly clean the tiles and the joints with a sponge and a solvent to remove all grease stains and small irregularities. - Protect the outside edges of the tiles and the sockets and switches with masking tape - Apply the underlay with a roller, insisting well on the joints, and allow to dry for 24 to 48 hours according to the recommendations of the maker. - Apply the paint of your choice by clearing the corners with a brush and then crossing the paint roller to avoid marks. Let dry again 24 to 48 hours then apply the second coat. - After drying, remove the masking tape and voila!

Painting on floor tiles

Painting on tiled floor is a little more complex than that on wall covering because the position is not very natural and the result must be perfect to prevent the paint from chipping with the passages. Here is how to do it: - Thoroughly clean the floor, scraping off all marks, degrease with acetone. - Protect the plinths with masking tape. - Apply the undercoat, insisting well on the joints to avoid creating a demarcation. Do not forget to start at the corner of the room opposite the door to be able to exit easily. Let dry between 24 and 48 hours. - Apply the two coats of paint 48 hours apart. To properly apply your paint, make large roller gestures and spread out well to avoid marks. - For a neat finish, apply a floor resin, mat or shiny appearance.

Where to find the right paint and at what price?

Many paint manufacturers today offer formulas specially designed to cover tiles, wall or floor. Brands like V3 even offer paintings dedicated to certain rooms in the house, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. There are many finishes and varied colors for a lacquered effect, waxed concrete style, industrial atmosphere, etc. You will find these paintings in all your usual DIY superstores, Conforama, Bricorama or Leroy Merlin. On the budget side, 500mL of special tiling paint will cost you around 20 € and will allow you to treat 4 to 5m² of tiling.