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Feature: all the decor in the garden

Feature: all the decor in the garden

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To make the garden pleasant, we think of offering it decorative objects as we would for the living room or bedroom. With a few light objects and original accessories, you will create an ideal atmosphere. Zoom on the decorative possibilities of your garden.

Light on the garden

In the garden also the lighting is very important because it will allow to structure but also to give an atmosphere to your space. So to illuminate the garden, you have several possibilities. For example, we suggest that you discover luminous accessories such as garlands and other lanterns to place in the garden to enhance it. And if you want to see it big, we also present bright furniture that will take effect after dark. Table, light sculpture armchairs or decorative objects to let float on the pool water are sure to enchant your garden!

The development of plants

To give a decorative style to your garden, you can help yourself with its plants thanks to the flower pots. Far from the traditional ocher terracotta, today's flower pots compete in originality to become the real stars of the gardens. You will then discover planters for all styles, hanging pots, design pots, XXL size pots, terracotta flower pots revisited or very original pots. Also find our tips for staging them in your garden. The hardest thing will be to choose !