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Protect plants from the cold

Protect plants from the cold

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Why protect your plants from the cold?

In winter, wind and cold can be detrimental to the health of your plants. This is particularly the case for persistent and exotic varieties. Unlike deciduous plants, the activity of these plants continues in winter and frost can disturb their good development. Hence the importance of providing effective protection.

From when ?

It depends a lot on the regions and the drop in temperatures. We will pay more attention to the thermometer in the North of France and near the summits than around the Mediterranean. It is advisable to put the protection in place as late as possible, but in any case before the start of winter frosts.

How to protect potted plants?

For these, the protection must be maximum, because their roots are less well protected than if they were planted in the ground. If they remain on a terrace, surround the polystyrene pot to protect the roots or wrap it in a bubble cover, letting the branches emerge. Also consider insulating the pot from the floors and the wall with wooden planks. Ideally, you will take in the plants and place them in a cool, airy place.

And those planted outside?

For perennials, mulch at least 5 cm thick at the base. It is advisable to wrap the antlers in a special winter veil or in burlap. In the cold corners, put straw between the canvas and the trunk. The roses can be covered with 15 to 20 cm of fine soil, this is called a mound. Finally, do not hesitate to shake off the snow from evergreen shrubs, as it can end up burning the leaves.