Mealplak: new for tableware!

Mealplak: new for tableware!

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If the culinary trend sometimes leads to the emergence of new containers as was the case with the verrines, the dishes and in particular the plates often remained fairly traditional. It was without counting on Mealplak who decided to radically modify our plates by creating "plaks" with a refined design. Presentation of this new generation tableware to enhance the cuisine from aperitif to dessert.

The Mealplak concept

The idea of ​​Francine Tambon, creator of the brand, could well revolutionize the tableware with "plaks", in other words plates still unpublished in the field of tableware. Square, rectangular or round and in original colors, these plates offer a very refined design to enhance the dishes that settle there. Made in France, in Provence more precisely, these unusual plates by their design are no less technical. Indeed, these are made from a composite material ideal for food. Light, resistant to high temperatures, very smooth, unbreakable and resistant to scratches, all these qualities make it an asset in the world of tableware.

Mealplak to enhance your kitchen

The real novelty of Mealplak is above all to offer plates without rims so as not to obstruct the gaze when it apprehends the content. The plate almost disappears in favor of the food, leaving just a translucent spot that enhances it. To find its place on all tables, Mealplak has many colors: tangy orange, anthracite, raspberry, water green, lemongrass ... To the diversity of colors, you will also have to add that of the shapes before making your choice. You will find flat, hollow plates, cubes, round plates, reversible plates, plates for gourmet coffees or sushi but also presentation trays for new dinners. The hard part will be to choose! From 8 euros> More info on