Meet the designer Doline Dritsas

Meet the designer Doline Dritsas

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Atypical designer whose work revolves mainly around colors, Doline Dritsas looks back on her career and her creative follies.

Who are you Doline?

I define myself as a merchant of colors because color is the common thread of my creations, with a nod to the merchant of the old bazaars where we found all kinds of heterogeneous things.

What are your favorite techniques?

It is the work of glass. I trained as a fashion designer and as soon as I graduated, I devoted myself to making accessories. Then I did additional training on the world of glass which is a material that fascinates me with its luxurious, fragile and durable side. In my work as a freelance designer, I need to stay connected to the world of cloth from which I come, which is why I mix glass with textile elements to make objects (folding screen, gray-gray ...). I've been working with glass for 20 years now. For 4 years, I mainly create glass buttons for clothing, especially for Anny Blatt who is one of the last brands to produce wool in France. What I like because I am particularly attached to French creation and the ecological approach. This is how I received a label from the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts for my environmental and creative approach. Glass is indeed a natural material and infinitely recyclable!

Where can we meet you?

On creative leisure fairs, such as> and>. Also on exhibitions and designer fairs. Finally, I give mosaic courses in Cachan (94) via the association> that I created.

Where can we find your creations?

On my website: Find the creation of Doline: a cable reel transformed into a coffee table! Compare the price of screens! This small piece of furniture with modular panels brings an original decorative touch to your interior.