Solutions to customize household appliances

Solutions to customize household appliances

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If the latest generation of appliances is distinguished by its aesthetics and colors, it has not always been so. Poor in design and 100% white, the boring appearance of the majority of appliances in our kitchen has led to a general saturation which is not entirely over. In fact, our old models, which are still very efficient, and the new low-cost products continue to display simple lines and "white" color coding. Fortunately, it is possible to remedy this with adhesives or specialized paint…

Makeover of household appliances with paint

Oriented towards interior customization, the Julien brand offers a range of aerosols designed to refresh and protect our household appliances. His color ? Aluminum gray satin aspect. Ideal to give a makeover and a more contemporary style to the coffee machine, the refrigerator or the food processor until then white as snow.

Refurbish household appliances with stickers

In addition to the metallic gray, know that the stickers are an ideal solution for personalizing large household appliances: refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher. On the or websites, there is an infinite choice of rectangular adhesives adapted to the dimensions of our machines, so as to completely cover them. Make way for patterns and color! Adorned with a giant Union Jack design, a plain blue background, sticky notes or geometric shapes, they are now the decor of the kitchen.